Growing a community of triple bottom line farm and food businesses

Welcome to the Washtenaw Food Hub website – we’re glad you found us!
The Washtenaw Food Hub’s mission is to “provide facilities and market channels to increase the economic viability of diversified farms, develop small businesses, and provide community benefits that will strengthen our food system and local economy.”

By developing a Food Hub facility and network, we are creating a thriving community of “triple bottom line” farm and food businesses to achieve our goal of a sustainable regional food system based on health for individuals, the environment, and the economy.

Organized by successful organic growers, along with food service, project management and real estate professionals, we are developing the Washtenaw Food Hub and restoring a historic 16-acre farm to serve public and institutional demand for local food and to strengthen and catalyze farm and food businesses.

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The Washtenaw Food Hub is grateful to the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development for our award of $200,000 from the 2012 Regional Food Systems Grant program.